91st Anniversary - Feis Shligigh 2020 Festival

Irish Language - Comórtaisí Gaeilge

Please Send Entries to:

Orlaith & Sinead Ní Raghnaill,  Seafield, Knocknahur, Co Sligo

Email: Orlaithreynolds@hotmail.com


Rule 21: Entries on Official Feis Shligigh Entry Forms, Accompanied by Full Entry Fee (Except Irish Dancing) Must Reach the Secretary of the Particular Section Not Later Than Sat. 15th February, 2020. After This Date Entries May Be Accepted Only at the Discretion of the Executive Committee.


1G: Aithriseoireacht

Dóibh Siúd Ag Freastail Ar Naíonra. Rogha Féin.

Táille: €5.00


2G: Buan-chorn Na Naingeal (Faoi 6)

Airthriseoireacht Naíonán Cailiní. Rogha Féin,

Táille: €5.00


3G: Buan Chorn Na Naingeal (Faoi 6)

Aithriseoireacht Naíonán Buachaillí. Rogha Féin. Táille:  €5.00


4G: Corn Martin Savage (6 – 8)

Presented by Pádraig Ó Daimhín (in Memory of Lt. Martin Savage, Who Was Killd in Action at Ashtown, December 1919). Aithriseoireacht. 6-8 Mbliana D’aois. Rogha Féin.

Táille: €7.00


5G: Corn James Kiernan (8 – 10)

Aithriseoireacht. 8-10 Mbliana D’aois. Rogha Féin. Táille: €7.00


6G: Duais Róisín Dubh (Faoi 10)

Aithriseoireacht. Faoi 10 Mbliana D’aois.

Nach Gaelscoileanna Iad. Rogha Féin. Táille: €7.00


7G: Comhrá (Faoi 10)

Táille: €7.00


8G: Comhrá (Faoi 10)

Nach Gaelscoileanna Iad. Táille: €7.00


9G: The Cleveragh Cup (10-12)

Aithriseoireacht. 10-12 Mbliana D’aois. Rogha Féin. Táille: €7.00


10G: Corn Benbulben (Faoi 12)

Comhrá. Táille: €7.00


11G: Buan Chorn an Bhráthair Bonaventure

Comhrá (Faoi 12)

Nach Gaelscoileanna Iad.

Táille: €7.00


12G: Corn Loch Gile (12-15)

Aithriseoireacht. Rogha Féin.

Táille: €7.00


13G: Corn Seán Ó Loinsigh (12-15)


Táille: €7.00


14G: Corn Chumann Luthchleas Gael  (12-15)

Aithriseoireacht. Rogha Féin.

Nach Gaelscoileanna Iad.

Táille: €7.00


15G: Comhrá: Corn an Chumainn Ghaelaigh (Os Cionn 15)

Aithriseoireacht.  Os Cionn 15 Bhliana D’aois.

Rogha Féin.

Táille: €7.00


16G: Corn Ghlór Shligigh &  Liatroma

(Os Cionn 15)

Comhrá. Os Cionn 15 Mbliana. D’iomaitheoirí as Contae Shligigh Agus Liatroma.

Táille: €7.00


17G: Corn Mháirtín Mhic Gualgairg

(Os Cionn 15)

Comhrá. Os Cionn 15 Mbliana.

Táille: €7.00


18g: Corn Cuimhneacháin

Eoghan Macgiolla-easpuig

“togha Fir Le Fíor-grá Don Ghaeilge”

Comhrá Competition to Include a Short Poem or Song in Irish or Instrumental Piece. Confined to Primary Schools.  Táille: €7.00





(Gan Tionlacan - Nach Sean-nós)

Amhrán Gaeilge Ar Bith. Táille: €5.00

19G: Amhránaiocht Aonair Faoi 8 Mbliana

20G: Amhránaiocht Aonair Faoi 10 Mbliana

21G: Amhránaiocht Aonair Os Coinn 10 Mbliana Agus Faoi 13 Mbliana

22G: Amhránaiocht Aonair Os Coinn 13 Mbliana





23G: Corn Cuimhneacháin

Toirdhealbhach Macgabhann

Comhrá Beirte - Daltaí Sa Bhunscoil. Táille: €7.00


Abhair Cainte:

1. Ba Mhaith Leat Dul Go Dtí an Phictiúrlann. Níl Do Thuismitheoirí Sásta Cead a Thabhairt.

an Comhrá Idir Tusa Agus Do Mháthair No D'athair Mar Gheall Ar Seo.


Nó Rogha Féin

Gan Dul Thar 3 Nóiméad.





24G:Corn John R. Treacy

Comhrá Beirte - Daltaí Sa Mheánscoil. Táille: €7.00


Abháir Cainte:

1. Ba Mhaith Leat Dul Go Dtí an Diosco. an Cómhrá Idir Tusa Agus Do Mháthair/d’athair  Mar Gheall Ar Seo


Nó Rogha Féin

Gan Dul Thar 3 Nóiméad.





25G: Scoláireacht Seán Carroll

Confined to 2nd and 3rd Year Pupils in Post Primary Schools for 3 Weeks in the Summer. A Scholarship Will Be Awarded on the Basis of a Brief Conversation With the Adjudicator. The Said Pupils Must Be Attending a Post Primary School in County Sligo. This Scholarship Shall Be Tenable Only at Coláiste Chamuis Indreabhán, Co. Na Gaillimhe During the Period July/august 2020. The Monetary Value of the Scholarships Are Not Transferable, the Winners Must Avail of the Scholarships in the Year of Award.

The Competitors Who Are Placed 2nd and 3rd Will Each Be Awarded a Half Scholarship, Sponsored by Gael Linn. All Participants Willl Receive a €200 Voucher, Also Sponsored by Gael Linn, Towards a Course in a Gael Linn College Coláiste Bhún an Inbhir. No Recipient Can Avail of More Than One Half-scholarship or One €200 Voucher and Only One Reduction Per Pupil Will Be Redeemable. Previous Winners Are Not Eligible to Compete Again.

Táille: €5.00




Drámaiocht Gaeilge

Rialacha Mar Dráma Béarla

1DG: Irish Drama - Primary Schools

Competitors to Present a Group Performance Using Dialogue in Irish With Optional Music, Song and Dance. Not to Exceed 10 Minutes.  Táille: €8.00


2DG: Irish Drama - Post Primary Schools

Competitors to Present a Group Performance Using Dialogue in Irish With Optional Music,song and Dance. Not to Exceed 10 Minutes. Táille: €8.00


3DG: Irish Media Presentation

Using Dialogue in Irish. Competitors, Solo or Group, to Create and Present as on Radio or Tv an Item Suitable for That Medium. Not to Exceed 5 Mins. Táille: €8.00


4DG: Drámaíocht - a Rogha Féin

Faoi 10 Mbliana D’aois.  Táille: €8.00


5DG: Drámaíocht - a Rogha Féin

Ó 10-13 Mbliana D’aois.  Táille: €8.00


6DG: Drámaíocht - a Rogha Féin

Ó 13-16 Mbliana D’áois. Táille: €8.00





Entry Form, Rules and Information to Download and Print

Entry Form requires Adobe Reader - Click here if you are having problems opening it

About the Feis

Feis Shligigh was founded in 1903 as a Gaelic Feis for Connacht. The aims are the revival of our national Language and Heritage. Dr. Douglas Hyde, first President of Ireland, adjudicated the Irish Language Competitions in those early days.After a few years the Feis lapsed until 1929 and since then has continued to grow from year to year to the present day. All sections of the Feis ran concurrently during Easter Week until 2006 when, because of increasing numbers of competitors, it now takes place over 3 weekends before Easter ending with 4 days of Drama during Holy Week.