About the Feis

Feis Shligigh was founded in 1903 as a Gaelic Feis for Connacht. The aims are the revival of our national Language and Heritage. Dr. Douglas Hyde, first President of Ireland, adjudicated the Irish Language Competitions in those early days.After a few years the Feis lapsed until 1929 and since then has continued to grow from year to year to the present day. All sections of the Feis ran concurrently during Easter Week until 2006 when, because of increasing numbers of competitors, it now takes place over 3 weekends before Easter ending with 4 days of Drama during Holy Week.

Original Silver Cups
Down Memory Lane....

On the 25th Anniversary of Riverdance, let us recall our visit to Michael Flatley at his home in County Cork.

The Feis Committee has been advised on several occasions about the practise of giving out our valuable silver cups, which date back to the 1930's, every year.

At a recent committee meeting it was agreed to approach Sligo County Museum, hoping they would put them on display. An agreement was reached with Mr. Donal Tinney, for which the committee are very grateful.


The Cups are now on display at Sligo County Museum.


The cups are:

The Mick McLoughlan (Cornucopia Cup)

The Mary Mulcahy Cup (Jewelled Mether Cup)

John R. Treacy Cup (Ardagh Chalice)

Fallon Cup (Solid Silver)

Micheal Silke Cup (Solid Silver)

Sean Carroll, President of Feis Shligigh and Frank Howley, Chairman of Sligo Feis Ceoil, join David Timlin to explainthe rationale behind running the two festivals in tandem back in 1972.

Video courtesey of Best of Memories

Update 3rd August 2022


We are currently planning and looking forward to holding our Annual Feis programme in the Spring of 2023 - Check Back here for more details.


- The Executive Committee of Feis Shligigh.